Madame Illuminata Crack’s Phantasmagorical Invention for an Ecologically Sustainable Future


University of Queensland Art Museum

Image credit: Anthony Hamilton

The installation featured the second  apparition of Madame Illuminata Crack. In this one, commissioned for Director Nick Mitzevich at the University of Queensland Art Museaum, several items of remaindered gym equipment (two walking machines; two exercise bikes and six ‘ab-busters’) were harnessed together to a motor. Their handlebars were extended to resemble the horns and antlers of wild animals, and bent to hold violins and a cello that played as the machine slowly moved through its cycles. The walls featured archival images of labour in Queensland cane fields in the ninetheenth century and ‘magic lanterns’ that fused these images with aspects of imagery  from Russian Constructivist design. A kinetic ‘wheel wall’ assembled from bicycle wheels and a range of other circular paraphernalia also grinded on as the show ‘moved forward’ to the music of the small string orchestra and the creaking of the gym equipment. Video imagery on Vimeo was produced by Anthony Hamilton.