Harvester for Dreams of Wildness


Yokohama, Japan

Video credit:  Anthony Hamilton

This site-specific interactive installation was  designed for a woodland adjacent to the Yokohama Zoo. The two “dream traps” were suspended from the trees, and fed by a system of funnels and pipes placed in the highest branches of the tree to capture the dreams of the zoo animals as they slept, These dreams were captured and then condensed through a process activated by the audience member gently pumping on an horizontal beam affixed into the ground beneath the dream traps.  The pumping would open and close the arms of the traps. The audience member could then imbibe some of the tincture or essence of the wild dreams of the animals by standing quietly under the opened dream traps in the forest for a short period of time.

Each of the traps was approximately  2.2 metres high by 1.5 metres wide when extended, made from laser cut plywood suspended from stainless steel rings and a steel cable that ran from tree to tree.