The Three Towers

Woodford Folk Festival

 Image Credit: Anthony Hamilton


BABELprojeKT was a collaborative installation/performance/event that examined the way languages carry, contain and change communication. It worked with the  multidimensional nature of language, using visual, audio, physical and verbal approaches as a way of encouraging  productive slippages in meaning. The major platforms of the project were:

uberBABEL: The three towers project

towering over the Festival streets, three structures showcased the work of Australian artists from Indigenous, non-indigenous and Asia-Pacific cultural origins.

psychoBABEL: the talkfest

a celebration of the heteroglossal nature of spoken languages. A talkfest that encourged the words “I’m not sure I know what you mean”; a place where assumptions and fixed ideas were cast from the topmost towers and in their place, new possibilities were tentatively encouraged

protoBABEL: the performance programme

in the beginning, before The Word, was the intake of breath: the language of the body exists before, within and after all other forms of language.

paraBABEL: the tent event

Every evening after the daily workshops retired, the small village in the tents of Penny Lane were transformed into an avenue of installations where artists used the languages of light, image and sound to reflect on the contemporary world

BABELbarong: the performance/event

Internationally recognised artist Heri Dono made works that wove the character and details of Indonesian mythology into the everyday contexts of the contemporary world. He called  on the spirit of the barong as the central motif of a week-long programme of participation and interaction. The final celebration culminatedin a performance event where the magical barong wove its way between the meridians of here and there, now and then in its dance that traditionally restores the balance between good and evil.